Product Specification

Panel material: 30 Gauge ASTM A653 Grade 37 G90 Galvanized Steel
Weight: 81 lbs. per square (100 square feet)
Coverage: Panels per square 30
Panel exposure: 45.25" x 10.74"
Unique four way engineered interlocked panels (No wood strapping required)
Concealed fasteners.
Invulnerable to unwelcome pests. (Squirrels, birds, bats, mice, insects etc.)
Engineered to compensate for heat expansion and cold contraction
200km/h wind warranty
Energy saving coating reflects heat and U.V. rays
Steel roof is recyclable
Material guaranteed for 50 years
Maintenance free

While installing your new roof we will:

  1. Inspect your roof for rotten wood (we will inform you and repair it prior to beginning installation).
  2. Cover your entire roof over existing shingles with a breathable high performance underlay (allows moisture out but not in).
  3. Start with starter strips at the eaves trough and facia sealing your roof against ice damage.
  4. Using the same quality of steel used for the roof we will re-seal all vents, chimneys and end walls.
  5. Install locked valleys where required.
  6. Cover your entire roof with our engineered four way interlocking shingles.
  7. If needed, install snow guards (to prevent snow and ice sliding off your roof).
  8. If needed, install snow guards (to prevent snow and ice from sliding off of your roof).
  9. Be particularly careful while working around your garden and other sensitive areas.
  10. Clean up meticulously upon completion.
  11. We won’t ask for payment until you are completely satisfied.
  12. Place a sign in your yard so your neighbours will know who you dealt with.
  13. Ask you for referrals and compensate you in a mutually acceptable manner.
  14. Ask for a testimonial letter.


Why our product

Deciding what material to use on your roof can be a big decision. We are a customer oriented team that is committed to providing you with a superior product that looks great and improves the value of your home, for many, many years into the future.



Our product is engineered with the highest quality in mind. It matches or out performs most other roofing products in quality and durability testing. From wind, to hail, to fire, you can be rest assured that you have one of the best commercially available products protecting your home.



No matter the size, shape, or complexity of your roof, our proprietary slate shingle profile and variety of colours will improve the appearance of your home, leaving both you and your neighbors stunned.

Our Team


We are devoted to providing you with the highest quality product and service. Our friendly, knowledgeable salesmen, strive to provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision about your new roof. Our factory trained professional installation crews are considerate of both you and your property, and make sure the job gets done right the first time! We will not rest until you, the customer, are satisfied.



Our product comes with a 50 year lifetime warranty. Unlike most warranties, ours is non-prorated. This means that it covers your entire roof for the whole 50 years! It is also 100% transferrable, adding value to your home. This is probably the last roof that you will ever need!

Why home owners choose steel above all