Is it possible to walk on a Steel Roof?

Yes, our shingles are more than strong enough. Of course walking on a roof can be dangerous, so attention to safety and appropriate footwear are required!

How can I learn more about metal roofing?

You can give us a call or send an email and we will provide you with the answers to any questions that you have.

How do I get an estimate?

If you give us a call or send us an email and we will give you a free estimate.

Does a Steel Roof contribute to the growth of moss?

Because of the smooth surface and coating of our roofing panels, they actually inhibit the growth of moss.

How does fire affect a Steel Roof?

Our Roofing panels can help protect against fire! They have been tested in accordance with the following test standards: ASTM E 108-95, UBC Standard 15-2(1997), UL 790(1997), CAN S107 and received an overall non-combustible rating.

Can a Steel Roof endure a hailstorm?

Our Steel Roofing panels have been tested to and met the UL 2218 testing protocol which means that the roof function was not compromised and the paint finish was not cracked when 2″ steel balls were dropped from a height of 20 feet several times over.

Is metal roofing a target for lightning?

The truth is that lightning is usually attracted to the highest object, not building materials.

How long does a metal roof last?

Some metal roofs have lasted over 100 years! The metal used in our products has been engineered to withstand severe weather conditions and we believe it will outlast our lifetime warranty.

Is a Steel Metal Roof noisy?

The metal panels are interlocked and fastened down to a solid wooden deck when installed, which also includes a layer of underlayment. This makes our roof no noisier than any other roof during rough weather.

Is weight a concern for metal roofing?

The panels are extremely lightweight. Unlike other roofing materials, no expensive truss reinforcements or braces are necessary for installation of our product on your home.

How do your prices compare with other metal roofing products?

Our product is competitively priced with other metal roofing products, although we believe that few others compare in quality or attractiveness.

What sort of warranty comes with your product?

We offer a 50 year, 100% transferrable warranty on material and labour